Spread The Word Ministries need  40ft containers with about 44,000 pounds of donated materials for missionaries.

Things Needed. literature

1)    Bibles
2)    Gospel of John and Romans
3)    Theological Books for Library
4)    Sunday School Literature
5)    Hymn Books and Music Books
6)    Bible Software (CDs/DVDs)
7)    Children Materials
8)    Secular Books
9)    Books for Pastors
10)  Ministry Items

Items that are always needed to fill containers and be a blessing to missionaries, national pastors, Christian schools, and orphanages:   Pulpits, hymnals, generators, electric pianos, School supplies, Hygiene items, Medical supplies (wheel chairs, walkers etc.), New Blankets, Plastic plates, cups, bowls, Heavy pots & pans without plastic handles, new clothing, new mattresses, folding tables, new or like new toys, flashlights with batteries, computers, laptops (XP or newer), appliances that work, Sunday School teaching visuals, folding chairs, folding tables, musical instruments (no large pianos or organs)

Bible project 2016.I have had the privilege of partnering with Spread the Word Ministries for more than a decade. It all began when I received an e-mail from Pastor Godstime asking for Bibles for pastors and new converts in Nigeria. So I began to ask my church and other churches to help by donating Christian books, Bibles, hymnals, etc. In addition to books and Bibles.

Pastor Godstime was a great help to me with the logistics of the shipping and the paper work. This container was followed by three more. I would like to encourage other churches and group to send Pastor Godstime a container filled with Christian materials. I can vouch that it can be done for with God all things are possible to anyone who believes it can. Yes, it takes time, energy and effort. But, Oh what a blessing you will receive! Read more


God bless each of you in Jesus Name as we extend our love through Jesus Christ and the ministry He has allowed in Nigeria through Pastor Godstime.
I have been involved9 in the shipment of Bibles to Nigeria for over 10 years and have, through the support of our church and surrounding churches, sent several thousand Bibles to Nigeria. Having been with Pastor Godstime in Nigeria four time for programs in 2003 – 2006, I have witnessed first hand, the need as well as the excitement of those who are given a Bible and the joy they express in having The Word of God.

May I invite each of you to be a part of this rewarding experience. Not everyone can go to Nigeria, but everyone can send a Bible (new or used-good condition). Pastor Godstime distributes the Bibles free of charge and with a passion of spreading God’s Word. He is on the front line. Read more


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