We accept used Bibles, Books and other Christian materials,  and distribute them to those in need. Please ask your Ministry to spread the news and tell others to help with Bibles, Books and other Christian materials for the poor in need.


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One Bible can save a Soul

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Our Prayer is that we could do more to reach other that are without the gospel, we will expand our areas of outreach, many people still have never heard or read the Bible. What an opportunity to share God’s word with the people in Nigeria, as the church grows, so does the need for Christian literature is needed. Will you Pray and help?

Our Goal;
To provide Bibles to the poor in need as the Lord provides and leads, there is great need for Bibles, we still need more Bibles; it is our earnest desire that we might place a copy of the Holy Bible in EVERY home in my region – while at the same time reaching other part of Nigeria with the precious Word of God.

Our Partners;
Spread The Word operates as a nonprofit faith ministry, it is dependent on the Lord as He supplies. We are grateful for those who share our burden and help meet the need of materials to keep the distribution running. Perhaps you would pray and ask the Lord how He might use you to help us with Bibles, Books, Literature and tracts or financially support this ministry that is taking the Gospel on distribution to those who might otherwise never be exposed to it. The rewards are eternal. Oh what a blessing you will receive!

Our Prayer;
Our prayer is that we could do more to reach many without the gospel. To date, we have reached many places, we will expand our areas of outreach, many people still have never heard or read in their own language about the saving power of the Lord Jesus

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith. Galatians 6:10.

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