How you can get involvedfreebible1

BECOME A PRAYER PARTNER; Prayer partners are needed for this great programs.

GATHER GOSPEL MATERIALS: Help gather Christian literature in your area and ship it to us. Publication, Announcement and Church bulletin inserts can be provided to assist with the collection.

MINISTRY ITEMS: Public address systems & Musical equipment, computers in working condition, Digital cameras, photo copying machines, VCR converters, stereo tape copiers & printers.

DONATION: Your generous financial gift will help us purchase Bibles locally and ensure the materials get to the field in a timely manner and also to meet the need of the ministry.

We will greatly appreciate any help you could give with this great need. We want the gospel to reach as many as we can. If you’ll help give, we’ll be faithful to see that it is distributed to those who need.

*Prayerfully Support Spread The Word financially,
*You can add Spread The Word to your Church’s Mission

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