Bible project 2016.Latta’s Project

I have had the privilege of partnering with Spread the Word Ministries for more than a decade. It all began when I received an e-mail from Pastor Godstime asking for Bibles for pastors and new converts in Nigeria.

Believing in my heart that God had put Pastor Godstime in contact with me, I immediately began to buy, collect and send him Bibles using m-bags through the postal system until it got to be too expensive to ship Bibles through the United States postal system.

Sharing this concern with Pastor Godstime, he suggested that I ship a 20 foot container filled with Christian literature, Bibles and ministry related items. After praying about it, I was led by the Holy Spirit to tackle it. By this time, I had retired from the pastorate and was led to ship my entire 2,000 volume library to Nigeria to establish a library at Spread the Word Ministries for pastors and missionaries. Of course, those 2,000 volumes did not fill the container by any means.

lattaSo I began to ask my church and other churches to help by donating Christian books, Bibles, hymnals, etc. In addition to books and Bibles, I requested the church that I had served for more than forty years to donate 40 cathedral chairs and fifteen fold tables along with other items such as computers, monitors, cassette players, videos, tracts. After several months of collecting material, I was ready to fill the container and ship it to Pastor Godstime.

Pastor Godstime was a great help to me with the logistics of the shipping and the paper work. This container was followed by three more. I would like to encourage other churches and group to send Pastor Godstime a container filled with Christian materials. I can vouch that it can be done for with God all things are possible to anyone who believes it can. Yes, it takes time, energy and effort. But, Oh what a blessing you will receive!

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