In many villages and communities, clean water is a scarce commodity. Spread The Word helps to install wells in these villages, bringing the water of life to Christians and non-Christians alike.

The provision of wells for villages solves the huge problem of water scarcity.  Clean water becomes available for drinking, illness from polluted water is prevented and personal hygiene would improve.

In some cases water wells are provided after the Gospel has come to the community through literacy courses. The students learn about the importance of clean, sanitary water in their courses and the fresh water from the well helps transform the village.

In other cases, water wells are installed in non-Christian communities and the people are told of the Gospel at the opening ceremony.

$3,500 will provide fresh, clean water to villages in desperate need of fresh, clean, and sanitary water. Partial donations of half and quarter wells are greatly appreciated, as well as sponsorship of a complete well.

All borewell donors receive a letter and picture of their well after it is installed.

Clean Water Projects

Clean Water Project with Spread The Word Ministries Inc at Okpagha Community.

      • We have supplied water to almost 6,310 people
      • 3 Families have accompanied us on the projects

Each water project costs $3,500. You can help fund a project and bring clean water to an entire village



You can donate to a project or directly to a volunteer. 100% of your donation goes to fund the water projects. No money is taken out for administration or salaries.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to confidently partner with us in funding a water project

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