Robert’s  Project

robertGod bless each of you in Jesus Name as we extend our love through Jesus Christ and the ministry He has allowed in Nigeria through Pastor Godstime. I have been involved in the shipment of Bibles to Nigeria for over 10 years and have, through the support of our church and surrounding churches, sent several thousand Bibles to Nigeria. Having been with Pastor Godstime in Nigeria four time for programs in 2003 – 2006, I have witnessed first hand, the need as well as the excitement of those who are given a Bible and the joy they express in having The Word of God.

May I invite each of you to be a part of this rewarding experience. Not everyone can go to Nigeria, but everyone can send a Bible (new or used-good condition). Pastor Godstime distributes the Bibles free of charge and with a passion of spreading God’s Word. He is on the front line – the least God’s people can do is to support the work he is doing, by sending Bibles and through prayer. I thank God daily for what Pastor Godstime is doing there in Nigeria. My thanks and appreciation for your interest and support of Spread The Word Ministries.

We also ask other Bible-Believing churches to help support this ministry with Bibles and also by including the ministry, led by Brother Godstime. I know first-hand, that it is a legitimate ministry that can be trusted. Many local churches in Benin City, the main headquarters, also help support and distribute Bibles with Spread the Word Ministries, to those in need in the area. I know God will truly bless the church and individual who want to see the Word of God in the hands of those who have no Bible.


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